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Martedì, 22 Dicembre 2015 6:00

Crazy for cocoa!

Napoleone Bonaparte, in love with chocolate
It's no a secret that the discovery of chocolate was a real revolution of the palate.

With its unique and unique taste, over the years, he won men and women with no geographical and personal limitation.

However, not everyone will know that some of the brave captains and daring fighters of our history have been

fascinated by the "food of the gods".

Among them, with the surprise of many, there is the famous Napoleon Bonaparte.

The idea that an artillery officer and a military genius like Napoleon was a great fan of the sweet chocolate is not easy to evoke, but it corresponds to the pure and simple reality.

During the battles, whole jugs of chocolate were prepared by his trusty butler Colin. He also provided and preserved a large amount of it that Bonaparte needed to recuperate his energy after any military compain.

It seems that even in 1807, the Emperor rewarded Marshal Lefebvre, after his triumph in Poland, with a box of chocolate full of banknotes. From that point on, the reward of the French military was called "chocolate Gdansk".

A curious and surprising anectode that confirms the extraordinary power of the chocolate once again!

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