Mercoledì, 31 Dicembre 2014 6:00

What you maybe don't know about chocolate ...

Beloved by adults and (especially) children, chocolate is one of the foods most consumed in every corner of the globe.

There are many, however, the curiosities about the "food of the gods" that not everyone knows!

Some examples?

- According to researchers at the

University of Copenhagen, eating chocolate with 70% cocoa you can satisfy your appetite and reduce hunger more than milk chocolate.

- Theoretically, white chocolate doesn't exist or - indeed - cannot be termed chocolate, being devoid of cocoa beans: in fact, it is obtained thanks to a mixture of cocoa butter, milk or milk derivatives, and sucrose.

- Milk chocolate was invented "only" in 1875, thanks to the perseverance of Swiss Daniel Peter, who has spent 8 years of trying to find the perfect recipe.

-Among the edible substances, the chocolate is one of the few to melt at about 34 ° C, just below the humans' body temperature. This is the reason of its melt so easily on the tongue.

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