Mercoledì, 30 Dicembre 2015 6:00

The precious chocolate of the Aztecs

When cocoa was used as currency

It's known that chocolate is one of the most loved foods and surprising discoveries of all the time. It was always considered precious , but not everyone knows that many years ago, the cocoa beans were also used as currency.
Aztecs, instead of using our sad banknotes
to buy anything they considered useful, counted the fragrant cocoa beans they put aside.
That's the reason of the first name of the cocoa, "Amygdalae Pecuniariae", literally " almond money ", then replaced by 'Linnaeus in Theobroma cacao" or "food of the gods".
For example, a turkey cost about a hundred grains, while a small pumpkin required just four.
During the trades, the seeds were used as real currency through which they were carried out exchanges of all types: from ceramic dishes, salt, honey to sweeten drinks and obsidian blades.
During the XIV anything was paid, bartered and corresponded by cocoa. A dream for any fan of the mysterious plant and the resulting chocolate , able to give pleasant sensations to anyone let groped by tasting a piece.

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