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The legend of Christmas Panettone

Mysterious tales under the Christmas tree
Every self-respecting celebration has its traditional cake.

The Christmas table, for example, is prepared with between candles and glittering decorations, different varieties of confectionery but, over all, stand Pandoro and panettone.

Not everyone knows, however, that around the birth of the

"panetùn" - to say to Milan - revolve many legends all agree that the origins of this Christmas cakebelong to the artisan tradition of Lombardy but the details are enriched with mysterious tales.

Three are the most reliable legends.

The first tells a story of love and nobility: it seems that in the fifteenth century Ughetto, the falconer Duke Ludovico Maria Sforza, invented the mixture of Panettone with raisins, to revive the economic fortunes of the family of Adalgisa, the daughter of a baker whose young man was in love.

Another legend has it that the cake is born from the hand of a nun who, having recorded a cake with a cross before rising, he would have given the classic dome shape.

Not least the mysterious story set on Christmas night at the court of Ludovico Sforza: here the little chef Toni, to remedy the mess cooks of the

court, would have made a delicious sweet by the remains of the burnt, adding raisins and candied citron. The cake would be called "pan de Toni", from which the modern name "panettone".

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