Mercoledì, 30 Novembre 2016 4:30

Tell me what kind of chocolate you eat and I tell you who you are

A sweetness that reveals your character

Chocolate is divine goodness that everyone loves but not everyone knows that behind the choice of the milk, rather than the dark one, lie the characteristic features of personality! You would have thought it? But it is so!
So, tell me what kind of chocolate you eat and I'll tell you who you are!

you love dark chocolate, you're basically a person precise and strong character: you like to organize everything in detail and the unexpected you nervous.
Your distinctive feature? The order. If, however, adore milk chocolate, you are a person with a strong sensitivity. Simple and sweet at the same time, you have a strong ability to listen and take care of others.
Hallmark: altruism.
Among the different types of chocolate, the white you prefer? Then, no doubt, you're a lover of refinement and good taste. Always in search of perfection, you have an unstoppable control mania on things and smokers. Your main feature is the elegance.
And who loves the gianduja chocolate? An artist, from the soul wacky, weird, eccentric but extremely sensitive.

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