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Antioxidant properties


Is it possible for a sin of gluttony to exist that is also beneficial to your health? Yes, and it's called chocolate.

The Mayans already figured it out, being the first ones to cultivate it, and drank several cups of chocolate per day, specifically for its magical healing power.It is perhaps one of the best excuses to eat it: chocolate is a powerful antioxidant.

Dark chocolate particularly, when taken in moderation, can be very useful in preventing many illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, as reported by numerous studies,including those of the British Journal of Nutrition.

Reduce the risks

Being rich in polyphenols, antioxidants that protect the arteries and enhance the immune system, chocolate lowers the risk of contracting many diseases.

The flavonoids have a strong antioxidant that can block the oxidation of cholesterol.

They also prevent platelets from forming clots, which can be responsible for the formation of thrombi and are also able to adjust the restriction of the lumen of blood vessels, responsible for increases in blood pressure.

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