Martedì, 24 Novembre 2015 6:00

Perfect skin with cocoa

A beauty's ally
Cocoa, besides being loved for its many uses confectionery, is among the main natural remedies beauty: with this ingredient so simple, in fact, the skin can reap incredible benefits.

In particular, if the cocoa is used as the main element for masks, scrubs and peels can give, thanks to its

antioxidant properties, elasticity and tone to the skin!

To give light to the face, for example, you may want to prepare a peeling with cocoa and sugar cane; instead, to counteract the first fine lines seem to be a perfect mask made with cocoa and avocado: Vitamin E helps the skin to combat the signs of aging!

The benefits are not limited to the face: sludge chocolate can help reduce the skin orange peel! This formula no-cellulite, will donate also the body a strong hydration, as well as a silky appearance.

Choose cocoa as an ally of your beauty!

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