Venerdì, 26 Agosto 2016 8:24

Perfect tan? Eat chocolate

Chocolate: a good friend under the sun

That's wonderful news: to get an enviable tan, you need to introduce into our diet the 'Chocolate! Yes, because golden tan and perfect does not only depend on expensive sunscreens, intense exposures and strandings extended under the sun: a good contribution of the board and, in particular, by our beloved

What's more, the Adnkronss health reveals that chocolate is a great ally for our skin: helps protect from sunlight without terrible and uncomfortable sunburn.
This is because chocolate contains different antioxidants - such as polyphenols - that prevent skin aging, have excellent anti-cancer and anti-aging qualities.
This explains, then, its use in the most cutting-edge beauty treatments: the depopulated chocolate creams, anti-aging masks for face and body and targeted treatments.
To get a great tan, in this long summer tail, the advice is to eat a little piece of chocolate, preferably dark, before taking to the beach.
Good tan ... delicious!

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