Friday, 17 January 2014 12:00

Gay Odin on the radio

The art and creativity of Gay Odin chocolatiers were at the centre of an interesting focus of 'One Morning Green' (Uno Mattina Verde), an Italian radio show aired on Rai Uno on December 26th.

During the episode, Marisa Del Vecchio Maglietta - the lady of the Gay Odin house - was able... Continua a leggere

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 12:00

Gay Odin ice cream an important part of Ileana della Corte's calendar

365 days of style

Gay Odin is one of the stars of the 2014 calendar created by Ileana della Corte, a historic jewellery brand in Naples. 'Jewels & flavours' is the title of the calendar, which, month by month, brings together the best of traditional cuisine and Neapolitan confectionery, with photos from Antonio... Continua a leggere

Monday, 25 November 2013 6:00

The Gay Odin online store

Gay Odin products are online! The goodness of homemade Neapolitan chocolate, boasting over 100 years of history, is now on the web with a complete online shop and products which make the mouth water. With the launch of the new website, all Gay Odin products are now available online in Italy.... Continua a leggere

Friday, 22 November 2013 6:00

Christmas with Gay Odin

Indispensable Christmas goodies

This year, like every year, Gay Odin will brighten the holiday season for chocolate lovers with seasonal creations designed and made for the occasion. Christmas is made of emotions, emotions to share with those you love, with your family and with your close friends. Delicacies of all kinds... Continua a leggere