Handmade Chocolate

Quality selections

The special characteristic of Gay Odin chocolate is definitely the high quality of its ingredients.

All of them are carefully selected and only the best creations become pralines. But quality, is not enough: the production, completely made by hand, is what makes the difference in every single product. .

Despite the Industrial Revolution, he didn't change his working methods and his employees were people who really love their job

A timeless mission

Gay Odin has a mission: to make perfect chocolate creations thanks to people who work with all of their soul as well as their hands. It is there, where the Gay Odin secret is.

The School of Naples

Experience and passion combined to provide a unique experience in every bite

The artisan production

All phases of production are handmade, from chocolate roasting to packaging

Properties of Chocolate

The therapeutic and beneficial characteristics of chocolate, 'the food of the gods'

Gay Odin Stores

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Somewhere Between Taste And History

The Essence of Neapolitan Chocolate

Colours, flavours, myths and legends in the shadow of Vesuvius. The principal aspects of Neapolitan culture are completed by the round, captivating, and seductive flavours of Gay Odin. Discover its characteristics.