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Exquisite and unique ingredients

It is one of the fundamental rules of the old Gay Odin chocolatiers: select only the finest raw materials

Experience and dedication

The secret formula of Gay Odin is enclosed in the hands of those who work with its chocolate

The Neapolitan school

The secret is all in the marriage, the fusion between the experience of the north and the creativity of the south

The School of Naples

Experience and passion combined to provide a unique experience in every bite

The artisan production

All phases of production are handmade, from chocolate roasting to packaging

Properties of Chocolate

The therapeutic and beneficial characteristics of chocolate, 'the food of the gods'

Gay Odin Stores

Find the closest Gay Odin near you

Somewhere Between Taste And History

The Essence of Neapolitan Chocolate

Colours, flavours, myths and legends in the shadow of Vesuvius. The principal aspects of Neapolitan culture are completed by the round, captivating, and seductive flavours of Gay Odin. Discover its characteristics.