Exquisite and unique ingredients

Quality first

It is one of the fundamental rules of the old Gay Odin chocolatiers: select only the finest raw materials. All of the passion and experience used to create a product as delicate as chocolate become obsolete if you do not use ingredients of the highest quality.

Cocoa mixes selected by Gay Odin come exclusively from Central America - Venezuela and Ecuador - and equatorial Africa. This is the only way to obtain a unique taste, more intense and varied than that of the chocolate industry in general.

'Creole', valuable in its uniqueness

In the Gay Odin chocolate factory, a 'Creole' cocoa variety is what is used principally, the best of the best. This represents just 10% of the world's cocoa crop and is therefore considered very valuable.

Roasting is at the heart of the production process. Cocoa, imported raw, is still wood roasted to this day; this procedure, ancient and traditional, allows for the cocoa bean to be slow roasted while leaving the nutritious properties unchanged and enhancing the aromas and pleasant organoleptic characteristics.

Regarding the selection of the many varieties of dried fruit present in his creations, Gay Odin has its own trusted vendors. Within the workshops, the scents of raw materials blend, creating harmony in the air even before the products are made. Gay Odin makes product freshness an essential element: in the chocolate factory, there are no large inventories, and between production and sales, time is short and no preservatives are added.

The School of Naples

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The artisan production

All phases of production are handmade, from chocolate roasting to packaging

Properties of Chocolate

The therapeutic and beneficial characteristics of chocolate, 'the food of the gods'

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