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Venerdì, 2 Dicembre 2016 5:14

Gay Odin cakes for "Dolci delle Feste"

5th edition of a sweet kermesse

"Dolci delle Feste dei Grandi Interpreti by Mulino Caputo" is a sweet event that annually brings in the streets of Chiaia Christmas cakes greediest of Partenope.
This year, even Gay Odin Chocolate Factory was there with all the other different interpretations of the traditional Christmas cakes, made by the

best pastry chefs in the city.
An opportunity for our maitre chocolatier, for to show off the new confectionery creations: a parade through the streets of the Christmas shopping streets of Chiaia district, along with the other Neapolitan excellence, the beautiful cakes Gay Odin made by master pastry chef Salvatore Polito.
A chocolate triumph and tradition that every year delight the palates of gourmands with unique and exclusive design products, the result of mastery of the Neapolitan pastry.
And for those wishing to try all our new cakes... come and order them in our stores!

Gallery Dell'Evento