Lunedì, 7 Dicembre 2015 6:00

Gay Odin among the great chocolate Italian for "Gambero Rosso"

Gambero Rosso review
"The gastronomic tradition of Naples is one of the richest and most representative of Made in Italy. Here, the chocolate Gay Odin brings up the name of the chocolate according to the Italian family recipes. "

It is with these beautiful words that the famous magazine Gambero Rosso counts our old

factory among the greats of Italian chocolate.

Among historical references that tell the company's inception Isidoro Odin will retrace the years when the scent of chocolate begins to spread through the streets of the city of Naples and win the heart of customers.

The article then accompanies the palate between some of the "workhorse" of Gay Odin, like chocolate foresta and bare, and also offers tasty combinations based on coffee or alcohol, ideal for those who want to discover new flavors and more to dare without sacrificing tradition.

A journey in which to make Cicero is our Marisa Del Vecchio-Maglietta that does not fail to illustrate also the future goals of the company ... always full of chocolate!

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